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Meatless Mondays - Monty Good Burger - 100% Plant Based

Monty’s Good Burger is the exceptional result of the plant-based burger concept established by the heavenly creation of the Impossible Burger in the summer of 2017. Cows worldwide clapped the hooves in approval.

Featuring burgers made from locally sourced ingredients, house-made sauces, and the plant-based Impossible patty, Monty’s Good Burger creates a beyond delicious treat and an option for carnivores who care about the environment but still want that yummy taste. Monty’s Good Burgers, a family-owned business for over 30 years, require 80% less environmental resources than animal meat.

Did you know that eating just one Monty’s IMPOSSIBLE burger (instead of a burger made from cows) will save the equivalent of 75 sq ft of land, 1 half tub of bathwater, and 18 miles of emission in a car?

Would I eat this?

Yes, this looks great. What's the calorie count?

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