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Tuesday - Too Small for HR - California employers know your employees have been sexual harassment trained

SB 1343 requires California employers with five or more employees provide one-hour sexual harassment training by January 1, 2021. That includes independent contractors and part-time/temporary employees. Supervisors must receive at least two hours of training. Employers are required to adopt and deliver written sexual harassment prevention policies.

Employers must comply with this law. If they don’t and lose a sexual harassment lawsuit, the court can award greater penalties. TAP Series’ Employee Sexual Harassment Training teaches how to recognize and report incidents of sexual harassment. Training minimizes the risk of lawsuits, improves employee productivity, and mitigates reputational harm.

With TAP:

    No waiting for training.
    You can stop the training, return later and start where you left off.
    You can save your progress.
    You can reprint your certificate, documenting your training, at any time within 3 years.
    No gathering a group to train.
    No high-cost instructors.
    Have an employee’s certificate in an hour or a supervisor’s certificate in two hours.
    No compliance reporting headaches.
    You pay one low cost per employee trained.
    Self-selected volume discounts. Cost as low as $9.95 for each employee.
    Your online account provides you all your employees and tells you who is and who is not trained.
    Training is available 24/7.
    Training can be done on any computer, IPad or smartphone.
    Train in English and Spanish.
    You’ll receive a notification when your employee or supervisor needs to be re-trained.

It’s easy to set up your own online account. Click here now to get started

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