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Tech Thursdays- The Smarter Home


        The Smarter Home: True Automation

Amazon, Apple and Google were at war to become the automation center of our homes. Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri respond to voice commands, play music, and activate robot vacuums, but they operate on separate platforms. 


The tech giants agreed to a truce: They’re working on one standard to help make smart home products compatible with one another. When you buy an internet-connected device that works with Alexa, it’ll also work with Siri and Google Assistant. Wow...that sounds promising.  


Eliminating complexity was necessary for the behemoth conglomerates to achieve seamless home automation. When that happens, your home will truly and finally be smart. Nice! Working to benefit the consumer. Go figure. 

Would I try this? Yes but with hesitation because of cost. If it helps make my life just a little bit easier then I'm going to try it but it also depends on the price tag with these devices. I'm a college student so budget is a little tight but if it helps me with small things it might be worth the investment. 

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