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Tech Thursdays- The Wearables Market Heats Up


     The Wearables Market Heats Up

Wearable computers have proven to lead to more creativity and innovation.

Apple has dominated wearables. It released Apple Watch in 2015, and AirPods in 2016. 

Google, Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei have since joined the wearables market. On your marks, get set, go!


Computer chips are making their way into other wearable electronic products like earphones that monitor your health by listening to the pulse from your ears, or earbuds that double as inexpensive hearing aids. With continued developments in technology wearables could play a further part in many health issues.

Would I try this? Actually I don't need to try this because I already have them. I absolutely love my airpods and my apple watch because it makes my life easier. I love that airpods are convenient since why have no wires, only issue i have is that you have to recharge them but other than that I love them. I also love my apple watch like who doesn't love texting straight from your watch!

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