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Tech Thursdays- Unhackable Internet

An internet based on quantum physics will soon enable inherently secure communication.  Messages sent over this network will be unhackable. The Delft network will be the first to transmit information between cities using solely quantum techniques.


Entangled particles are difficult to create, and harder still to transmit over long distances. The research team has demonstrated it can transmit 0.93 miles. They’re confident they can set up a quantum link between Delft and the Hague by years’ end. Ensuring an unbroken connection over greater distances will require quantum repeaters that extend the network. Such repeaters are in design at Delft. The first should be completed in five years, with a global quantum network following by the end of the decade.

Would I try this? Yes if its true, I would love to try this. If this is truly unhackable I think everyone should try this but honestly it sounds too good to be true because I feel like everything can be hacked into. 

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