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Food Friday -Spam Fries

I bet you've never tried Spam fries before! You're probably thinking what are Spam fries and where do you even get these. Hula Hoops in South San Francisco is serving these fries and it's a crowd-pleaser! This island-themed restaurant’s fries are such a big hit they order 200 cans of spam a week!! So let's get into how they're made. First, the spam is cut up into the shape of thick fries, then dipped into an egg wash, covered in Panko bread crumbs and fried in oil until golden brown. The Spam fries are served in a Spam container and come with three dipping sauces: ketchup, garlic aioli and lastly a Sriracha mayonnaise. 

Would I eat this? Yes, even though the Spam can screams “NO”,  who doesn't love fried food?

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spam, Panko bread crumbs, ed. Spam fries, spam container, dipping sauces, ketchup, garlic aioli, Sriracha mayonnaise